Manual Handling


Tidy MT Pty Ltd understands that cleaning work is demanding and labour intensive and cleaners are often working under time constraints.  It is our responsibility to minimize or eliminate the likelihood of injury to our employees through developing manual handling strategies, and ensuring staff are trained in the appropriate manual handling techniques for the tasks they are required to perform.

As part of our training and induction, we explain and demonstrate the correct techniques to be used for the cleaning duties performed, such as:

  • Lifting, pulling, pushing or pulling, carrying and holding loads.  This includes heavy equipment and items such as polishers, vacuums, ladders, furniture and laundry.
  • Awkward postures such as reaching, stretching, crouching and kneeling.  Some cleaning duties involve these postures being undertaken repeatedly over duration while exerting force

Our training and inductions include an assessment of the cleaning tasks, the cleaner’s capacity, the loads involved and the work environment.  This assessment allows us to consider manual handling, awkward postures, work organization and vibration from equipment

If any risks are identified, Tidy MT Services will:

  • Change the workplace layout, the workplace environment or the systems of work, or
  • Change the equipment or chemicals used in the cleaning task

If there is still a risk after using these methods, we will control it by providing information, training and instruction.

Manual Handling